Accelerator pedal control unit

  • Immediate throttle response
  • For all cars with manual or automatic transmission
  • ECO - SPORT - SPORT plus - RACE
  • Can be combined with TS3, TS2 PRO, P1 PERFORMANCE
  • Easy installation
Configure my car from 239€


  • Immediate throttle response
  • For all cars with manual or automatic transmission
Configure my car from 239€

Top-of-the-range technology.

Accelerator pedal control unit.

The control unit for the Proracing PowerBoost accelerator pedal
changes the speed of response to power demand,
All this is achieved without a direct engine upgrade.
The reliability of the car remains exactly as original but with all the benefits of a sporty and delay-free drive.
The butterfly valve will immediately open at your request,
The driving will be similar to a race car with no input lag or latency time.

Very fast overtaking, top-of-the-range performance, smooth travel in complete safety.

Adjustable with ECO - NORMAL- SPORT - SPORT+ RACE.
Thanks to its latest generation electronics, it can be installed on cars with manual or automatic transmission.

Installation is very easy thanks to plug&play wiring.

The Proracing TS3 is a real remapping, removable, at any time, with the advantage of being able to be adjusted by you. Once removed, it leaves no trace in the car's memory, no diagnostic equipment will be able to detect its previous installation. In this way the official warranty of the car will remain unchanged.
This is our entry level, it contains an innovative cutting-edge technology, which offers the car superior performance compared to normal control units. Fuel saving, full safety,
for those who want an excellent compromise quality price.


Drive the future with Proracing

Top performance in complete safety

*The installation is within everyone's reach thanks to the wiring provided.

No more delays or lag, immediate response!

No more delays or lag, immediate response!

How PowerBoost works

Our software dramatically improves throttle response time
Giving To your engine a sporty touch without altering in any way the warranty and reliability of the car.

PowerBoost is installed between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine's ECU unit.
The signals that start from the sensor of the electronic accelerator pedal, in relation to the selected map of the PowerBoost, are amplified
or attenuated (on Eco map) according to a characteristic curve defined by our engineers that allows you to adjust the reaction time of the engine according to your needs.

Quick and easy installation

Kit with plug&drive wiring for safe installation

1. Detach the accelerator pedal connector from the original adapter.

2. Connect the Brainbox with the original connector supplied.

3. Fix the Brainbox.

4. Connect the PowerBoost OLED display with Brainbox Proracing.

5. Finished! Now you can finally drive.
Have fun!

PedalBoost Defender

Proracing protects your car from theft

Our engineers have managed to integrate a special software that through customizable Pin code, permanently blocks the use of the accelerator pedal, preventing attackers from being able to use the car without your consent. A real undetectable Anti-theft that will protect your car!

High Technology Product

News from 2023


• Specific wiring for the car model
• Original Automotive connectors
• Assembly manual
• OLED display with selection keys
• Proracing PowerBoost add-on module
• Brain dimensions: 47mm x 42mm x 15mm
• Display Size: 50mm x 30mm x 10mm
• 2 cable ties

Other Proracing models available for PowerBoost:

and want maximum driving fun and brilliant performance can be combined with the control unit for
accelerator pedal our model P1 Performante, TS2 PRO or TS3. Increased engine power
combined with a very fast pedal response they complement each other perfectly.