Technology and Design Proracing
Meet new 2021 standards

Our additional control units are designed, built and assembled all in Italy with the highest quality materials to offer the best on the market today. For us, customer satisfaction is very important; before putting our products on the market, we test them by taking many control and testing steps in order to offer a technologically very advanced and superior quality product.

Robotic process

The production of Proracing electronic boards is carried out with high-precision machinery. The pcb processing is multilayer with SMD technology and the solders are precision cold made. This guarantees a high reliability over time, as during the process the components do not suffer thermal shocks.
All this greatly improves the durability and resistance of printed circuit boards, limiting oxidation and vibration processes ensuring greater reliability and safety.

Quality control

Each additional control unit before being shipped is subjected to several control steps by technicians who ensure its perfect functioning through testing with specific equipment.

Specific Programming for your car model

After the order, the technician will insert the specific firmware into the memory to give the highest level of performance in full compliance with the mechanics of your vehicle, ensuring reliability and robustness as the standards of the original car but with the benefits of a real remapping.

Box Resistant to heat and water shocks!

The ProRacing add-on unit is designed to withstand all weather conditions.
The casings that protect the electronics are composed of nylon polymers reinforced with 30% fiberglass. This makes the case resistant to shocks, splashes of water and dust, creating a barrier that shields the electronic board from the heat of the engine. The control unit is hermetic with ip68 specification.
ProRacing is resistant to temperatures from -40 degrees to +210 degrees.

High quality wiring and connectors.

The control unit is supplied with the specific FCI automotive wiring with silicone gaskets for a watertight seal. The materials are specific for high temperatures and self-extinguishing fire retardants. Mounting is quick and easy plug & play.
We use the original connectors of the same car manufacturers for a perfect connection of the control unit on the engine without any need to make changes. The wiring harnesses are created with the use of copper wires of very high conductivity with 99.99% OFC (Oxygen free copper) purity. This determines a very low dispersion to the advantage of the cleaning of the signal between the Proracing control unit and the ECU, which clearly speeds up the input lag, making the response on the accelerator immediate and without delay.