programma ecofuel PRORACING centralina aggiuntiva


Combustion chamber is increased greatly improving the micro-fuel nebulation. This improves exponentially the flame front to symmetric, this significantly lowers the carbonaceous residues and emmissioni pollutants. The result is a significant increase of the power that does not follow, however, from a greater number of turns or fatigue of the engine, but by a greater torque resulting from an organic significantly higher yield and optimized. The engine with the program ECO-FUEL can express more power at a lower rpm, this allows you to use a higher gear ensuring a smoother ride. Available in Proracing RS-2 and ULTIMATE


Always make sure the correct tire pressure (see manufacturer's data). The worn tires consume more fuel. Replace the tires regularly, usually every two years. Temperatures very high or very low influence on the driving characteristics and therefore fuel consumption. Even rain, snow and asphalt hot considerably affect fuel consumption. Drive at low speed. Do not turn off the engine and avoid unnecessarily high rpm. Drive carefully. Avoid accelerating unnecessarily, if you are in sight of a queue or a red light. Instead of braking hard, when you can, slow the vehicle up to arrest him. Avoid driving jerky (acceleration, deceleration, acceleration, deceleration). Accelerate as evenly as possible and stick to the limit. Turn off the engine if you expect to have to stop for more than 2 minutes. Worth it. Remove roof racks, bike racks etc. and do not carry unnecessary loads in the trunk. More a vehicle weighs, the greater the effort that the engine needs to do to move the car.