Quality of Chip Tuning Proracing


Made in Italy

Our additional units are designed, built and assembled all entirely in Italy with the highest quality materials to provide the best on the market today. For us, customer satisfaction is very important and it is our greatest satisfaction, then prior to market our products we test them doing many steps of control and testing to offer a technologically very advanced and superior quality.


Robotic process

The production takes place with the entire machinery for the processing of the PCB with SMD technology last generation this greatly improves the durability and resistance of the printed circuits to oxidation processes and to ensure a high resistance to vibrations in time.

Quality control


Each additional unit before shipping is subjected to a meticulous inspection by a technician who ensures the proper functioning by performing the acceptance test with specific machinery.

Programming Specification for your car model

After ordering the technician will insert inside the PCB firmware specific to give the highest level of performance in full compliance with the mechanics of your vehicle, ensuring reliability and robustness as the standard car's original but with the benefits of a true remapping.


Box Resistant to shock and heat water!

The additional unit ProRacing has a peculiarity unique, all enclosures that protect the advanced electronics are cast aluminum with special seals making it airtight with specific ip68. The case is finished with powder coating that after cooking comes to a resistance to heat shock and abrasion. The control unit ProRacing is resistant to temperatures of -40° to +165°. A process will be completed almost indestructible!

Wiring and connectors

The unit is supplied with wiring specifically for a quick and easy plug & play. We use the original connectors of the same automakers for a perfect connection of the control unit on your engine.